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Monday, November 29, 2010

Isaac's fourth birthday: Batman

My son is extremely lucky as great friends of mine (Stephanie and David) got him some Fisher Price's Hero World DC Super Friends action figures for his birthday! These Toys R Us exclusive figures are not yet available in Canada (they got them in New York).

These 5" figures are reminiscent of the Fisher Price Imaginext collection but bigger. Batman comes with Batwings which actually open themselves thanks to a special "actionator". He also throws Batarang at his enemies. Its an extremely detailed and cool looking action figure.


  1. So exciting!! I made it on your blog!!

  2. You made my son one happy little guy!
    Thank you again to the both of you!!!

  3. Neat Batman - I have considered picking one up for myself but haven't let myself take the plunge on yet another new toyline lol!

  4. HAhahHA I totally understand Bubba!
    By the way, we saw that awesome Killer Croc figure you talked about at the local toys store. We will soon get it.