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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Special: Mighty Men & Monster Maker, Tomy, The Other World, Arco, Thundercats, LJN, Night of the Living Dead

The Mighty Men & Monster Maker set from Tomy is one of my most wanted item of all time. Sadly never owned it as a kid.

The Other World from Arco was a cool collection. So many great characters, monsters and such. We owned many of them.

The original Thundercats collection from LJN remains one of the all time great!

Check out these very cool Night of the Living Dead!


  1. I recently got a Mumm-Ra (and Lion-O) from a toy show. Glad to finally have added those classics to my collection.

    1. Congrats! Those classics Thundercats figurines are so cool.

  2. I have the mighty men and monster maker.