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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favourite New Toys of 2016

Here's our Favourite New Toys of 2016!

1- Pokémon - Tomy
This year we got so many Pokémon action figures its almost insane! Isaac's collection is now HUGE and there are more coming soon. This year I've ordered many directly from Japan since they were not available in North America.

2- WWE - Mattel
We got more WWE action figures from Mattel. Surprisingly, so many were released this year that it was hard to keep up.

3- UFO Robot Grendizer - H.L. Product
For years I've been wanting to buy this... it is finally ours. Sadly only took one photo of it for our blog but I shall soon feature it.

4- Funko Pop!
This year Isaac really got into the whole Funko Pop! figurines. He spend most of his personal money on Funko Pop! So many cool ones to get.

5- Lego
As expected we got some very cool Lego sets including the one with Marvel's Ghost Riders, more Minecraft and others.

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