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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Favourite New Toys of 2015

Here's our Favourite New Toys of 2015!

1- Mattel's WWE

Not surprisingly, we got lots of WWE action figures in 2015. Also a new huge ring, steel cage, the backstage playset, two Titantron entrance, more belts and accessories. So for a second year in a row, Mattel's WWE collection is number one! Here's the ones Isaac got for Christmas.

2- Tomy's Pokémon

This year was also the year of Pokémon. Isaac's addiction with it keeps getting bigger. He got the cards, video games and lots of cool toys, which will soon be feature here in our blog.

3- Lego Ghostbusters

A great Lego set. The Ecto-1 vehicle is awesome and the figurines are very cool. It was a little complicated to find around here but totally worth it and fun to built.

4- Lego Marvel Super Heroes

We got a couple of cool Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets including Ant-Man, The Hulk Buster Smash and more.

5- Disney Infinity

The best looking of the Toys for Life video games characters. We got many of them this year. They look great with stylish sculpt and paint. Perfect to collect.

2015 was an amazing year for us. There was an update everyday of the year except one day we sadly missed (we just forgot about it that day). We had lots of fun and 2016 will be another amazing year.

Happy New Year everyone!
All the best for 2016!


  1. are any of those the build a figures? mattel really should make more of their stuff like that. the mashers are really cool

    1. Hi! No didn't get any of those new WWE to build action figures. They are very cool so maybe some day.