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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lego The Simpsons Series 2


One of the coolest of the new Series 2.

Who is this masked avenger of the night? It’s Bartman, the mysterious four-and-a-half-foot crime fighter who guards Springfield’s streets. No one is beyond the reach of his trusty slingshot, be they supervillains or tin cans placed on fenceposts. Very few know (or care) that Bartman is secretly none other than Bart Simpson, wearing a homemade costume. But hey, every show needs a superhero, and this is the best we’ve got!


  1. Sorry. My lego love went out the door in 1979 with the space and knights. Glad you like them though.

    1. For real?! There are some amazing sets released in the past 10 years. We love them.