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Monday, January 26, 2015

Lego Ultra Agents Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown

The Lego Ultra Agents Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown set has 429 bricks including four minifigures, which are all awesome.

Toxikita, Retox, Agent Curtis Bolt and Astor City Scientist. The lab features revolving door, remote-control safety claws, crystal element, crystal containment unit with explode function, satellite dish, security camera and 2 flick missiles.

Toxikita’s helicopter features an opening cockpit, spinning rotor blades, 2 front toxic cannons, two rear tanks with toxic ammunition for front cannons, a chain and a quick-release toxic bomb dropper with 3 toxic bombs.

Weapons include a stud shooter and a toxic super blaster. Accessories include Agent Curtis Bolt’s helmet and the Astor City Scientist’s safety gear. A great set!

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