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Friday, November 14, 2014

Flea Market Hunting : WWE Jakks Pacific

WWE Wrestling Exclusive Money in the Bank Ring with 2 Bonus Action Figures (RVD and Shelton Benjamin).

Released in 2007 by Jakks Pacific this set now goes for around $300. It stands over 24 inches tall. It comes with 3 action ladders which flip, blast and tilt.

Its a great playset that works perfectly with our Mattel WWE action figures.

Isaac uses our iPad as the TitanTron. All of his action figures have their song and photo to appear so they get a proper introduction into the ring. Very cool!


  1. Wow, either Isaac is very small or that playset is huge.

    1. Isaac is actually tall for his age but this set is HUGE!! I think over 2 feet tall!!