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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Extra Life 2014

I am proud to announce that we participated for 19 hours straight! From 8 in the morning Saturday to 3 in the morning on Sunday. Beware! It is not over!

Lots of teams are doing their 24 hours in two parts, so during the night Isaac and myself decided to take a well deserved break for some time to rest and to be back in full force this morning. Lets not forget that the goal of Extra Life is to get money for sick kids while having fun.

We are officially back this morning. We need 5 more hours to complete our 24 hours goal. We started back at 7 in the morning today, so we need to make it up to 12.

Knowing my Isaac, we will surely go into "overtime" today up until bedtime. So in total we will have participate well OVER our 24 hours goal.

So far we've reached 67% of our goal!
Keep it up, we are almost there.


Direct link to make a donation:


The Facebook event page where you will be able to follow us live!


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