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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mattel's WWE Randy Orton

Next was WWE Series #37 - #16 Randy Orton from WrestleMania 25. A cool figure but of all the one we just got, this is the one from which the face doesn't look as "real" as the actual wrestler.


  1. I still do not have a Randy Orton basic. I have the Elite though. Your son is going to have a ball. Especially if starts writing down who is champion and his own ppvs.

  2. The Elite must be great!

    He is having a ball. While he follows what is happening in current WWE, he makes his own events such as Raw, Smackdown and various PPV. He also has his own champions.

    One cool thing, whenever we go somewhere, Isaac takes his wrestlers and ring and has an event. For him, its like being on the road!