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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fisher Price's Imaginext + Playskool's Marvel

One of Isaac's very first collection was Fisher Price's Imaginext. Six years later we still love and collect them. Last afternoon we had lots of fun with all of our Imaginext and Playskool's Marvel!

The evil Mummy lord took over the Ninja castle. He ruled over the land. But the team of DC and Marvel baddies wanted to take the castle for themselves. But they didn't know that the good guys from both sides also joined force.


  1. That must be a variant! The ninja castle I saw looked like an old Ninja dojo kind of thing with earthy colors. Yours looks like it could be a TMNT kind of a thing with all that bright green.

    1. Yes Fisher Price often re-release more or less the same playset but in different colours and some new accessories.