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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Here is one of the "bad guy". This one is rather dumb and looks like a caveman.

Enemies include animals like bats, snakes and spiders of varying sizes, other characters, and monsters like yeti, man-eating plants and ghosts. The player can collect many items, mainly gold and jewels which add to the player's score, but also useful objects including bombs, guns, climbing gear and archaeological artifacts. Some of the latter have supernatural abilities, including kapalas, hedjets, crystal skulls and golden ankhs, though many of these special items can only be gained through secret methods, like combining other items together. Some items may be purchased or stolen from shops scattered about the caves, though the shopkeeper becomes a powerful enemy if you steal from him.


  1. Your recent posts are the first time I've heard of this game.

    1. For real?! Its an amazing game! It out on PC, PS3, PS VITA, X360...

      The new updated HD version is one of our favourite of the year.

  2. I thought he was a masked wrestler at first lol.