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Thursday, June 13, 2013

1,000th posts!!!! Our Lego Collection continued... + TMNT

Just noticed that this is our 1,000th posts!!!
Thank you to everyone who reads our little site.

More Lego...

Here's Jabba's palace along with the Rancor and most of our Star Wars Hot sets.

The beautiful pyramid from the Pharaoh's Quest series along with some Star Wars spaceships.

And here's our Dwarf's mine, one rather rare Lego set.

And here's there are more of them including our Lego Chima, Orient Expedition, Minecraft, Lord of the Rings and more!

Here's two soon to be release new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, the Rat King and the Cockroach Terminator. These look awesome! Isaac and I need to start collecting the newer series.


  1. Great Legos! Love it guys and yeah am going to pick up these two Nick Turtle figures along with a set of those new Stealth Turtles as well I think.

    1. Thank you! And we have to get into this new TMNT series too!

  2. I like the villains of the new TMNT series...Like to match them up against MU.