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Friday, October 19, 2012

Flea Market Hunting : Battlestar Galactica + Lego news

About time! We found another Battlestar Galactica action figure at the flea market... the Cyclon.

As a kid I loved that TV series and the Cyclons were so cool. The Cylons are a cybernetic civilization at war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity. Their superb unique look make them one of the coolest bad guys of the time.

And look at these upcoming 2013 Lego sets.

First of all is Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze. This set comes with Aquaman! AQUAMAN! Yes!!!!!!!!

Another Spider-Man set based on the animated TV series. This one has Nick Fury and Venom! VENOM! Yes! Yes!

Finally here's all of the upcoming Lego Star Wars sets, which apart from the Rancor sets aren't that interesting.


  1. Lego has some neat things coming for sure but am totally excited about the Kre-O GI Joe sets that are on the way!

    1. We well get all of the Lego Superheroes sets.
      Kre-O... sadly not impressed by them so far.

  2. Replies
    1. Loved that figure as a kid. Really happy to have found it again!!