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Friday, January 6, 2012

Montreal ToyCon

Last October 23rd, Isaac and I went to the Montreal ToyCon! We found tons of great stuff. Isaac's birthday was just the week before so he got some money to spend at the convention. I explained to him how to manage his finance during our little trip and he was extremely happy and proud of everything he got.

In the coming days we will take a look at all the amazing action figures we found but first, the here are some pics from the Quebec Lego User Group showcasing some of their great creations at the ToyCon.


  1. The little guy must of had a blast! But i bet mom did too. : )

  2. Yeah he did.
    And I am actually the dad... Kim as in Kim the dad!

    No worries, I get this all the time!

  3. lol sorry about that and am glad to hear you guys had a great time there. : D

  4. Cool picture of Isaac in front of Wall-E... too bad it wasn't working 100% that day, just so you know it is now fully functional and on it way to another big event in Copenhagen this time, LEGO WORLD 2012 in Feb. Thanks a lot for posting about QUELUG in your blog... really cool!! Have fun, both of you, in 2012!!!

  5. Hi Marc-Andre! I remember you, we talked a little about the Robot Champ Lego game too!

    Congrats on having WALL-E working! I just told Isaac and he said "Cool!". And this is not the first time I posted about QUELUG.

    Have fun at Lego World!!!