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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flea Market Hunting

Last year at the flea market my son and I came upon a Toxic Avenger action figure. I had heard about them but never actually seen one... until then! Troma's favorite character was there, in a plastic bag loaded with accessories. Two bucks later he was ours!

Originally released in 1991 by Playmates, who released the incredibly popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, released some action figures not based on the trashy Troma film but on a short lived children's cartoon show... yes you've read that right... the Toxic Avenger had a cartoon show, for kids!

Many figures were released. Well during our last trip at the flea marker we found the Evil Alien Leader of Apocalypse Inc., Dr.Killemoff.

I am Dr. Killemoff -- evil genius. For years I have built my fantastic factories (with my own four hands, I might add) on your planet, under the guise of my company Apocalypse, Inc. Using the finest in Toxic technology, I have successfully scoured the sky with smog. Why? Because I'm part cockroach -- and I love to breathe fetid fumes through my Smog-sucking Back Pack. And so will you -- when I complete my poisonous pollution plan. First, I'll destroy that clean klutz Toxie and his clownish Crusaders -- then Tromaville will fall. Soon after, the entire world will look like my home planet, Smogula. And every day you help me get a little further by throwing litter on the streets! Keep up the good work, kids! The waste of the world is mine! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!


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