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Monday, October 18, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Batman

And we also found some Batman action figures at the flea market. Bruce Wayne unmasked and dressed up as Batman, an almost complete version of Azrael and we finally found one of our favorite character... Clayface, which we have been looking to own for a long time now.

Clayface looks very cool and its removable arm can be shot by pressing his stomach!


  1. Fun finds! I have all three of those guys myself :)

  2. Seeing that Godzilla at the top of your page brought back memories, man.

    Nice finds.

  3. Bubba: My son and I are so jealous of all the Batman figures you own! Unfortunately they are almost impossible to find around here!

  4. Hi Hip-Hop Hikikomori!
    Yeah thats a great Godzilla figure that stands 16" tall!
    It was released by Dormei in 1997.
    We got it at the flea market last year for only $5.