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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flea Market Hunting: Star Wars

I have to admit that we somehow cheated last weekend... as we went twice to the flea market. Sunday morning while looking at Kijiji, I read an ad where someone was saying that he was selling is entire Star Wars collection at the local flea market. So we both jumped into our geek mobile and got over there...

And it was worth it. We got the updated Darth Vader Tie Fighter from the Legacy collection, brand new and sealed. The thing is HUGE and looks great and actually fires missiles! We finally got the set of two Jawas figures (my son loves them), and a Boba Fett look-alike called Jodo Kast, which I had never heard of. We also got another Emperor figure, the leader of the Gungan and Sebulba which my son is crazy for.

I just counted and my son owns 61 Star Wars figures, 4 spaceships, 1 vehicule and 4 big monsters. Not bad at all for a three years old! And it is only the beginning...

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